What we do in class:

    • Everyone has to talk as much as possible and give presentations.
    • We read a lot – literature as well as newspaper articles.
    • Students present books they have read to the others.
    • And, of course, we do a lot of traditional work with our good old textbooks (Green Line by Klett).
    • We use modern media – computers, smart boards, beamers – as well as our standard blackboards.
    • We not only visit English theatre plays, but sometimes also act in classes.
    • Since 2007 we have established an exchange with S. Thomas‘ College in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka and the associated Ladies‘ College. You can get more information on our Sri Lanka exchange  here if you like.
    • Students from our school participate regularly and successfully in the Model United Nations conferences in Berlin (BERMUN) which are held in English.
    • Students have the chance to prepare for the TOEFL-test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with Mr Wocken.
    • Students from grades 5-8 may participate in The Big Challenge, a Europe wide English test, in May. You can use the training programme anyway, even if you do not wish to particicpate.
    • If you like English you can choose our bilingual classes from year 8 to 10.

Big Challenge winners 2016.